Quirky Life Hacks – A Look At A Few Of Them

Quirky Life Hacks – A Look At A Few Of Them

Life is a journey and there are obviously many ups and downs. At times the journey looks so tough and difficult that you get weighed downed by it. Simple things like the milk boiling over, the washing machine not working properly or mobile alarm not working properly could certainly upset you and set things down for you. However, as the saying goes, there is a solution for each problem. It would therefore be a good idea to have a look at some useful and time tested quirky life hacks that could com handy when you want it the most.

Cats Love To Sit On Your Computer Tables?

You could have cats which love to be with you on your computer table. On the other hand, you perhaps would like your cat to be with your when you work on the computer. This will prevent it from making a mess of your living room and perhaps event the kitchen.

Pot Of Water Boiling Over

This is a common problem in many homes. You could see water pots boiling and the water spilling over all over the place. This can be avoided by placing a wooden stick or spoon across the pot. The wooden stick would certainly stop the water from boiling and spilling over to the stove.

Looking To Keep Your Mobile Safe

If you have an old lotion bottle or talcum powder bottle, you could use the same to keep your mobile phone. The main body could be used for storing your mobile while the cap and the upper part can perhaps be used for keeping keys of your home or your car or two wheeler.

Nail Polish Color Can Come In Handy

It would also be pertinent to mention here that different colors and shades of nail polish could be used for identifying different keys. This could be very helpful if you have many keys and you often get confused.

A hanging shoe rack could come in handy for storing your home cleaning supplies. While they will look good and aesthetic, they also will go a long way in keeping such supplies at a reasonable height and away from children.

If Your Fly Always Down

A fly that always slips down in your trousers could be an embarrassing situation. You could avoid it by fixing a small ring to it. The ring can then be attached to your trouser button and it will stay firmly in place.