Some Really Strange Wedding Cultures

Some Really Strange Wedding Cultures

Though marriages are supposed to be made in heaven, when it comes to rituals and cultures they are very much man made and are practiced in the earth. Different cultures have different types of practices and cultures. While some are decent and quite in line with our expectations, we will try and have a look at some strange wedding cultures. They are quite funny and perhaps even bizarre.

Bridal Kidnapping

Though it was outlawed and made illegal 1991, it is a fact that Kyrgyzstan had a weird practice where kidnapping a bride was considered to be the norm for marriage. Any bride who was kidnapped and who cried about her future and safety had a better chance of getting a nod from the parents of the boy. Bizarre though it was, it continued to be popular because it was made illegal.

The Bride And The Groom Were Blackened

There was a funny and weird practice in Scotland as far as wedding were concerned. The bride and groom were subjected to being pelted with eggs, fruits and vegetables. They were supposed to withstand this. There was a belief that if they could withstand this, they would be able to withstand the rigors and problems associated with marriage.

Chicken Liver And Love

In Daur Province of China, there still is a tradition which would require engaged coupled to do something strange and perhaps even bizarre. They would be required to dissect a chicken and find out the quality and health of its liver. If the liver is healthy, the couple could move forward and set a date. It the liver is not good they will have to put off their nuptials till they find a chicken liver that is of the best quality.

Stay Away From The Bathrooms

There is a strange wedding culture in Borneo where the bride and the groom are locked inside a room. They are required to stay that way during the entire wedding day. They are also not allowed to visit the bathroom. It is believed that this could lead to good luck for both the bride and the groom. Some belief and culture it is.

Get Over The Bridesmaid Obstacles

This is again a strange practice in China where the groom has to negotiate a bunch of aggressive and blockading bridesmaids. They will try all their tricks to stop the groom from moving in. He has to overcome and perhaps even bribe them before moving in. They also would ask him to do some silly acts to prove his love for the bride.